How to Diagnose Back Problems in Dachshunds

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  1             Identifying Signs of Back Pain | Puppy dachshunds for sale

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Keep an eye out for subtle symptoms of back pain.

These can range widely from a puppy dachshund  in mild discomfort that appears quieter than usual, to the dog with an explosive disc protrusion that suddenly goes off its back legs and is paralyzed unlike our dachshund puppies for sale.

Reluctance to move: The pain associated with back problems means the dog is unwilling to move and may stand in one spot, head lowered. He may yelp or cry out when you try to put his collar on. Some dogs refuse to eat or drink because lowering their head to the bowl is painful.

Arched back: Many dogs with back pain adopt a hunched back stance, and stand stiffly, guarding their movements.
Altered behavior: The dog may be reluctant to jump up onto a favorite sofa, or not be able to go upstairs to bed.



2. Take your dog’s response to pain seriously

Back pain is immensely painful and many dogs will vocalize, cry out, and whimper in response to the pain. They may even cry out just in anticipation of the pain when they are asked to move. Your dog is not just being dramatic when it yelps in pain.



3 Take a dog with sudden paralysis to the vet immediately.

If pressure to the spinal cord is severe enough, it can cause nerve damage. This most commonly affects the back legs. The dog may not be able to stand, and when it tries to move it “wheelbarrows” forward, its front paws pulling its back end along. Unlike out Puppy dachshund for sale,  a dog with sudden paralysis needs to be seen by a veterinarian in order for the spinal damage to be assessed and treated.

Severe paralysis can interfere with bladder and bowel function, and the dog may either become incontinent or it may be unable to empty its bladder. Your veterinarian should give you guidance about how to deal with this problem.



4 Force your dog to stop moving.

If a dachshund shows sign of back pain, then it’s best to restrict its movements so that it is forced to rest. Do not allow it to move around the house, instead restrict it to a puppy crate while making an appointment with the vet.

When taking a dog to the vet, carry it to the car and carry it into the vet’s office, as moving awkwardly could cause a grumbling disc to rupture. Puppy dachshund for sale


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