We adore our dog.

In the Testimonial we have made it quite straightforward for us to find our ideal tiny dachshund dog. When numerous breeders started making preparations, we were overwhelmed. We had been searching for a year. I experienced a significant change when they supplied me with the basket to take home, responded to all of my inquiries, and even assisted us in unwinding when we took our puppy home on that particular day. I’m eager to do it once more in the future! The prettiest dog imaginable, Pinki (formerly Mojo), has been the finest thing to happen to our family.

Stunning Kimi

We just received our Kimi, and we couldn’t be happier. When I visited FIRST CLASS DACHSHUND PUPPIES HOME and looked at the images of the available puppies, my heart skipped a beat when I spotted Kimi. We had been seeking very hard for a dachshund with a distinctive color. I’ve never seen puppies as adorable as those from breeders.

Fast and reliable breeders

The exact same boy—so loving and cuddly, but also humorous, playful, and with his own sharp mind—was delivered to us in good health and physical form. Furthermore, the breeder was easy to work with, very professional, and answered all of our inquiries. Even after the sale, he continues to respond to any queries I’m more than welcome to leave my testimonials. And I valued the basket he gave me greatly as a novice.

Our most beloved pet to date!

About four months ago, we adopted a tiny dachshund puppy who is happy and healthy, and we adore her. The breeder of the First Class Dachshund puppies is a very responsible person who clearly loves all of his dogs and is concerned about the long-term welfare of the breed. If I needed a new dog, I wouldn’t look anywhere else. It’s our pleasure to present these reviews here.

Wonderful temperament, smart, handsome pup

I searched for quite a while for a quality breeder, as I had issues with previous breeders. We couldn’t be happier with Bumzi. He is smart, funny, and a joy to be around. He is 4 months old, and we began obedience lessons this week. The trainer could not get over his temperament and how quickly he caught on. He has integrated well into a house with a very alpha female dachshund. It was so great to work with them. Like the other reviews, you will see that FCD takes time to answer all your questions and gives you confidence in your choice of breeder. Wonderful dog – he really turns heads too. Very cute

Currently, Rockier Anderson

My name is Faith, and I bought two Mini Dachshund puppies from you in January. I just wanted you to be aware of the fact that they have truly developed into an essential member of our family. We adore our brand-new puppies, who are also incredibly energetic and vivacious. They are changing to resemble their dog. Again, we are more than happy to leave our testimonials in order to help with references. Finally, we adore her and wouldn’t trade her for anything, despite the fact that she is constantly picking up new talents like how to irritate my other dogs and chewing my brand-new shoes. I also have a photo of them. I’ll keep you regularly informed.

This is all we could ask for, Puma.

It’s only been a week, but I couldn’t be happier. Puma is so adorable and loving; he is worth every penny we spent on him, and we don’t consider the money we spent to have him in our home to be wasted. Thank you so much; it’s nice to know there are good Dachshund breeders out there.

I made the very best decision ever because of First Class Dachshund!

You just sold me a puppy for my tiny dachshund! I’m happy to report that my puppies are even cuter than I had anticipated when they arrived yesterday. They are incredibly playful and loving! They are adjusting well to their new home! They’ve been eating and drinking well, and they’ve been playing with our other teacup poodle at home. I want to thank you all for the fantastic customer service you provide. In addition, I’m prounf to leave my testimonials I appreciate you putting me in touch with these priceless angels. Simply put, they are the best puppies for our two kids.

Ox (This boy is amazing)

Ox is absolutely a cutie to have around, she easily got acquainted with his new surroundings since he was a little shy when I just brought her home. I think he will become more friendly with time, given that he is still getting used to his new environment. I wanted to know more about his feeding habits because he is extremely selective about what he eats. He is just like me because I am a little shy too, I’m happy to leave my testimonials I love him very much. Thanks again.

Mr. Pee (also known as Zabuza) makes life ideal!

My family has always had pets, but up until today, we have never owned a small Dachshund puppy. For months, we have been looking for a reputable website where we could adopt one at a reasonable price. Hello, First Class Dachshund Puppies home. You guys were incredibly helpful right away, and Mr. Pee arrived healthy and handsome. He was verified healthy and up to date as you promised even after our first visit to the vet. You guys are truly working hard; I appreciate everything. Blessings from God.

Love our dachshund

First-Class Dachshunds puppies were recommended by our good friends. We had a great experience with our breeder, The process was professional and easy, We picked up the puppy on 16/3/2023, and Mark was very helpful even after the dog was home with us the first week, especially making sure we obtained the same food that the male dachshund was used to eating. Highly recommend both breeders and thank you soon much.

Larry D

Thank you First Class

I got my puppy from Mark, and she is beautiful. Very healthy, I brought her to the vet twice so far for check-ups and shots, and she checks out perfectly. She is a great dog !!! Thanks, Mark

Steve Lander

The Best among the best breeders

The breeders where we got our puppy from were the best. They were very friendly and responsive. Showed great care for their animals and loved the fact that the puppies were born on their farm. I would highly recommend Mark Fisher and Lillian as a breeder. We love our little Coconut. He is a silver dapple mini long-haired dachshund pup and is such a good boy. He was practically house-trained when he got him.

Topaz Feliciano

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Mark Fisher as a breeder. I bought Dale (now Gus) on May 3rd, 2021, and he is very healthy. Mark was great and no, this is not a puppy mill. Gus is 3 months old, and he passed all vet checkups with flying colors. Also, he has an amazing temperament and is a very sweet boy. If you are looking for an adorable addition to your family, Mark Fisher comes highly recommended.

Janine Campbell

Best Dachshund Breeder

I had the best experience with my Dachshund breeder! I had spent months looking for the perfect dog and when I saw Beauty’s (now Stormi) photo, I knew she was the dog for me. Such a sweet and calm puppy who loves to do nothing more than cuddle and play with her toys. We got picked her up in May, and she has been such an angel to have running around ever since…

Marie Stella

A Friendly Home (Breeders) Testimonial 

The breeders were very friendly and professional and called me to check in to see how Darva was doing. Thanks for helping me find my dream dog.

Crystal k.

I’m happy to suggest a breeder.

At home, I had the nicest experience with premium dachshund puppies. I ultimately relocated to a location that permitted pets while looking for a dog. In addition, I’m not sure how I found this website, but I did. I was astounded by how stunning and well-preserved the puppies seemed in the pictures. I was hesitant and delayed calling. A few weeks later, I came across a dog that caught my attention, but it had already been promised. When “Duke”—now known as Creed—was found, he called the breeder, who promptly replied. It was not a problem that I didn’t want Creed to board a plane.

J.D Johnson

I love this breeding and my puppy.

I was looking for a small dog and came across Ozzy a mini doxie puppy. He’s so adorable and sweet our family just loves him. Lillian and Mark Fisher from First class dachshund puppies home were wonderful to work with. We had great communication and they are very informative and easy to work with I had lots of questions and they responded to all our email inquiries thought it took a while for them to get back to us, however, as soon as got into contact with the breeders, everything was so beautifully worked out. All I can say is thank you guys and your team. I Love this site and my puppy.

Tiffany Amber

Dachshunds make excellent pets.

Our family was anxiously looking for a Goldendoodle when we came across First-Class Dachshund breeders; initially, besides we had preferred dachshunds as our first dog. It was very difficult for my family to find a dachshund because many breeders are not legitimate, so we considered buying a Goldendoodle until we stumbled upon Mojo from First-class dachshund puppies home.

Kristina Maria

Olive is wonderful.

Having Olive (formerly known as Tron) makes us joyful and grateful. From the beginning till the day of the breeders’ purchase, everything went smoothly. They have a magnificent farm and a lovely family. We’ve also met Olive’s mother, who is also in excellent health. Recently, we took Olive to the veterinarian, and he is also in excellent health. Our adorable little doxie makes for many happy times in our house. Here are some of the reasons why we think this breeder’s family is an excellent breeder. I’m more than welcome to share my testimonials with you here.

Thomas and Claire

Testimonials about Oscar.

Having Oscar (formerly known as Tron) from St. Petersburg, Florida, makes us joyful and grateful. From the beginning till the day of the breeders’ purchase, everything went smoothly. They have a magnificent farm and a lovely family. We’ve also met Oscar’s mother, who is also in excellent health. Recently, we took Oscar to the veterinarian, and he is also in excellent health. Moreover, our adorable little dachshund makes for many happy times in our house. Here are some of the reasons why we think this breeder’s family is an excellent breeder.

Thomas and Claire

Endorsements of professionalism in breeders.

I purchased Pong a long-haired miniature dachshund from First-class Dachshunds in Saint Petersburg, FL and it couldn’t have been a better experience. The breeders were extremely nice and professional which my wife and I found very comforting. You could tell the puppy was well taken care of, happy, and loved right until I took him home with me. He is a well-mannered puppy and loves people, other dogs, and cats also, I’m more than welcome to leave my testimonials. He also does not bark or bite and loves to cuddle! I’m so thrilled and happy. Thank you so much!

Allison Corn

Testimonials| We love dogs and people with dogs

I would like to say how much I appreciate a website such as FCD! To create a safe & honest environment for a huge family decision, thank you so much! On Saturday, July 3, 2023, I brought home my puppy; a sweet, charming doxie I named Mango. The breeder I connected w/is Mark Fisher. He made the experience comfortable & I would refer him to anyone looking for a dachshund puppy. This whole experience has been a blessing & I couldn’t be happier!

Many thanks to you guys

FCD was amazing with making the process so easy to find our dream mini dachshund puppy! We had searched over the last year and were overwhelmed by some breeders making arrangements. FCD felt very different; from the basket to take home, answering my every question, and even helping us settle after we took our puppy home that day, I can’t wait to do it again in the future! Pinki (previously Mojo) is the sweetest pup ever, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to our family! we’re more than welcome to leave my testimonials

Looking for a small dachshund?

My mom came across this site after no luck with adoptions and we found Finley, a dachshund from them. He’s the most beautiful puppy I’ve ever seen and has a personality to match! They were very sweet and I had a great experience with her! Finley aka Marshmallow is doing great and growing up so fast! I would definitely recommend First Class as a breeder. It is equally important to leave my testimonials

Erin Griner

No room for disappointment, get my recommendation

Katie (Donna) our beautiful female doxie came into our family on May 28. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family and to her fur brother Casper another dachshund who also came from the same breeder called Mark Fisher. I really enjoyed working with the breeder on getting both of my beautiful healthy fur kids. He helped me with any concerns, or just to give him a phone call to let him know how the pups are doing. He is a great breeder and a wonderful man to work with. You will not be disappointed! we are more than welcome to leave my testimonials.

Henry Lawrence and Ellen

Testimonial Update

We’ve had our mini dachshund for 6 months now and he is amazing!! Absolutely no regrets about using FCD. We will be getting another puppy when the time is right and will use First class Dachshund Puppies again. Thank you for our little Carpet!! We love him!

Dian Taunton

Thank you so much, guys

In search of a miniature dachshund? Look no further than the breeders I couldn’t have been happier with my experience in finding the right puppy for our family and the great follow-up thereafter. I have people stopping me constantly about the coloring and demeanor of our mini dachshund. She is great with kids, adults, and other animals. I’m more than welcome to leave my testimonials.

Stacey Kapushy

New Testimonials

Purchasing Stella was an extremely positive experience for me. We were able to pick up Stella at the airport when she was 8 weeks old. She’s the most adorable puppy ever. We have loved having her ever since the vet stated she was wonderful. These are trustworthy breeders!

M. Schaufler

Trustworthy Breeders!

After losing my Goldendoodle, Linus in September 2019, I was lucky enough to find my Dachshund, Baxter (formerly Eddie) on First-Class Dachshund Puppies. furthermore, I highly recommend these breeders. Finally, Baxter has the most gentle and loving disposition. He loves everyone he meets and absolutely loves all dogs. When we are ready for another doxie, I will definitely contact you guys again, our pleasure to share your testimonials.

Alison Pittman